Dr. Brence Sell Says These Are the Biggest Challenges for Anesthesiologists

Dr. Brence Sell

February 10, 2021

Dr. Brence Sell Says These Are the Biggest Challenges for Anesthesiologists

Dr. Brence Sell has emerged as one of the leading anesthesiologists in the world, and throughout the course of his career, he has provided anesthesiology services to over 70,000 patients. When it comes to both practical experience and education, Dr. Brence Sell has established himself as a leader in the field. That’s why he’s going to share some vital insights into anesthesiology and the challenges practitioners face.

“One challenge for anesthesiologists is simply relating to patients how complex and nuanced the work is,” Dr. Brence Sell says. “Some people think we simply administer a quick dose of knock out gas and we go on with our day. That’s far from the truth. While many medical practitioners know how complex our work is, sometimes people outside of medicine underestimate the challenges.”

For Dr. Brence Sell, understanding the complexity and nuance of anesthesiology is important because patients must learn to trust anesthesiologists and they must follow their advice very carefully. If a patient underestimates just how complex anesthesiology is, they may fail to follow advice closely.

“Trust is vital for any doctor,” Dr. Brence Sell points out. “Often, anesthesiologists give patients very specific directions, such as not eating a certain number of hours before going under. This is important because the body’s reflexes may be slowed or completely inhibited while you’re undergoing your procedure. If you vomit, you could choke, and your surgeon may not even realize the problem right away.”

When working with an anesthesiologist, it’s vital to be honest. If your doctor asks if you’ve had any food or drink, or asks another question, make sure you tell the truth.

“My number one goal is protecting the health and well-being of my patients,” Dr. Brence Sell says. “And my patients need to put me in the position to achieve those goals by being honest and forthright.”

Dr. Brence Sell Says These Health Care Challenges Are Also Important for Anesthesiologists

The challenges anesthesiologists face go well beyond the patient-doctor relationship. Industry and technology trends also present a variety of problems.

“There’s a shortage of trained anesthesiologists in the United States,” Dr. Brence Sell claims. “As a result, a lot of practitioners work long hours, seeing a huge number of patients. High workloads may increase risks for patients. And when it comes to anesthesiology, even a slight mistake could result in huge problems.”

The healthcare industry in the United States is labyrinthian, with different organizations using different paperwork, procedures, and the like. For anesthesiologists, this can present a lot of headaches. And the more time doctors spend handling paperwork and the like, the less time they can spend with patients. Technological solutions may be on the horizon but may also present new challenges.

“There are on-going efforts to make paperwork, medical records, insurance payments, and other procedural steps easier to manage,” Dr. Brence Sell says. “Still, the current system is complex and hard for medical professionals to handle. And new technological solutions, say for handling paperwork, mean doctors must learn how to use yet another system and technology.”